We want to help men and women discover what a life of following Jesus is all about.  Sunday morning is just one part of this discovery. There are
so many areas of growth, healing, and connecting to people
that will and should take place during our journey with God.
Here are some opportunities for connection into the
community at New Enterprise Church of the Brethren.




A tradition that has been carried down through generations of Brethren women is being kept alive here at New Enterprise every Wednesday. Dolly Bowser, Connie Dick, Darlene Guyer, Jane Muntain, Kelly Baker, Susan Dietkrich, and Annabelle Frazier meet on Wednesdays in the quilting room. Here they labor placing stitches of love into beautiful works of art. They enjoy the time of fellowship and sharing their skills with others.
The cost of having a quilt finished is $.50 a yard which would bring the cost of an average quilt from $200-$400. The proceeds go to The Good Samaritan Fund at The Village at Morrison's Cove and to various church special projects. The ladies are presently working on their fourth quilt for this year. They have quilted many over the years and enjoy reminiscing through the pictures of all those completed. Pastor Earl Stovall, a former pastor here at NECOB helped to mark the quilts for the ladies. Great work, ladies!!