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Discerning placement of flags in the church - May 16 &23:

We remind you that Leadership Team is leading us in a process of discernment in which we will be hearing your views regarding the placement of flags in the church before Leadership Team makes a decision on this issue—whether the national flag, and/or other flags, should be placed in the church or not, and, if so, where.

We are receiving opinions this Sunday and next, May 16 and 23, after worship ends at 11:30 or so. Please do come and share your personal views, even if you have no preference.  Leadership Team is seeking the will of the whole congregation. The District Shalom Team, a group trained in conflict resolution, is helping in this process. We want to know what you think and why.

Individuals will choose one of 4 locations in the church, this Sunday and next, where they will go and share their views confidentially with 2 people, a member of Leadership Team and a member of the District Shalom Team. Room locations and names of the listeners will be posted in the narthex.  Both church members and regular attendees who are not members are invited to share opinions. Names and membership status will be recorded but will be kept confidential and will not be shared with Leadership Team or the congregation. Rather, a few members of the District Shalom Team will assess the information gathered and submit an evaluation to Leadership Team.

If you are not able to participate in the listening sessions, there will be a questionnaire available for your use in the narthex and a box to hold your response. Names and membership status are required for accountability purposes, but, again, names will not be shared with us.

You may direct any questions to Pastor Marlys or members of Leadership Team.

Let us all be prayerful in this process, seeking the mind of Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit. May God be glorified in all we do.

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