Welcome to our under-utilized church website. It gets changed once, maybe twice in a five year period. Our tech guys is busy and the secretary doesn't know what she's doing. If you click on any of the tabs up above they will show you very, very old information. So just don't click on any of those unless you feel like waltzing down memory lane. Remember, this is an under-utilized website. The office staff doesn't even acknowledge it's existence. If you're here you must be desperate. God be with you. 

Once upon a time we were able to post our newsletters here. But now we can't. We have an special email list for those, or people pick up actual paper copies in the church. 

 Here are the basics:

Sunday School: 9:30am, Sunday morning

Worship: 10:30am, Sunday morning

Youth: 6:00pm Sunday evenings 

If you have a pressing question, the best way to get in touch with us is to call (814) 766-2161 or email necob7@centurylink.com.