..."Choose for yourselves
this day whom you will
serve, whether the gods
your ancestors served
beyond the Euphrates, or
the gods of the Amorites,
in whose land you are
loving, but as for me and
my household, we will
serve the LORD."
-Joshua 24:15, scripture passage from Andy's ordination.
     I write this article as I sit on the deck of Courtney's relatives in New Bern, NC, enjoying my first full week vacation as a married, full-time, ordained minister in the Church of the Brethren! 

     The past year has been truly momentous for me! In May 2012, I finished earning my Masters of Divinity degree from Bethany Theological Seminary. Then I began my pastoral placement search process while Courtney finished student teaching. On January 5th, Courtney and I were married and spent our honeymoon in Disney World. We spent our first married month with her sister's family in VA as I prepared for my trial sermon with you all (ya'll, you'ns) in late January. Then we officially moved to New Enterprise two weeks later so I could begin working February 14. This month I will be celebrating six
months at New Enterprise Church of the Brethren. Courtney graduated from Bridgewater College this past May with a BA in Liberal Studies, certified to teach Elementary education in VA, though not PA. I was ordained in Westminster, MD, at my home church, on June 23. It was a beautiful celebration of God's call in my life. And finally, the last major milestone for the immediate future: my installation as your pastor a few weeks ago.
     It's nice to find some time to catch my breath, look back, and be thankful for everything that has happened, knowing I have time now to settle in and discover what this phase of life is about. Too often, we don't take the time to relax, remember, and be grateful. Sometimes we can't do it unless we are taken away from our well-known surroundings and go on a vacation or trip,
removing day-to-day worries, relationships, tasks, and chores, so we can have perspective on our lives.
     God is moving with purpose in all our lives. Are we aware of it? Take the time to remove yourself from the ordinary, so that God can show you what extraordinary things he has been doing all around you.

Grace and peace, Pastor Andy

Andy’s August
Worship Schedule

4 - 2 Reasons to GO to Church:
"So We Can Receive God"

11 - Youth Sunday,
"In God's Image"
18 - Vaughn Loose speaking

25 - Annual Conference Sunday,
"Move In Our Midst"

Life Lessons :

7) Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick.
Your friends and parents will.
Stay in touch!

8) Take a deep breath.
It calms the mind.