"The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned." Isaiah 9:2

Hooray! May is here!
And this May has many exciting opportunities and celebrations to honor and remember. This first weekend sees a wedding for two young adults beginning a new family and Love Feast, one of the most meaningful and significant gatherings of the church all year. Following that we have Mother's Day and parent-child dedications, and then we enter the season of graduations, more weddings, end of school events, and the church holy day, Pentecost (19th). So enjoy May, because it will be over in a flash!
However, not everyone will be able to enjoy this time. On April 22-23, I had the privilege of attending a Mental Health First Aid class in Everett. It was an eye-opening experience that showed me just how many people, even in our community, suffer from mental illness.
Depression, anxiety, and other ailments can be truly harmful, and very often we cannot just pull ourselves out of those dark states by ourselves. Intense and regular depression or anxiety are medical health issues, not signs of weakness, lack of faith, or just a temporary struggle we can "snap out of." Those who suffer in these ways often feel embarrassed to share their suffering with others, especially in the church. Too many of us believe that real Christians are never anxious or depressed. That is just NOT true.
If you ever feel like you or someone else may be struggling with major depression, anxiety, or any mental health concern, please come and talk to myself or another professional therapist, or encourage others to do so. We do not have to suffer from these illnesses. Get help, just as you would for a broken bone or a heart attack. There IS hope! There IS help! God wants us to be whole and healthy, not trapped by a condition that can be fixed, because we refuse to seek help.
May your ‘May’ truly bring light into dark places in our lives. May God make each of us whole so we can better serve his
coming kingdom, and our brothers and sisters.
Grace and peace,
Pastor Andy

Andy’s Worship Schedule:

5      “Sent to Bless”
         Acts 16:9-15; Psalm 67
         7:00 p.m. Love Feast

12     Mother’s Day: “A Mighty Mother”
                             Matthew 23:37; Psalm 139

19     “Spirit Kids”
         Acts 2:1-21; Romans 8:14-17

26     6 Reasons NOT to Go to Church: “Because It’s Our Duty!”
         Luke 17:7-10; Colossians 2:1-7

My mom/gram is the best because...

Carson Becquet: She provides food and cares about me.
Eion Snider: She is nice. She is a good cook.
Marissa Ebersole: She potty trained me.
Brooke Gochnour: She loves and cares about us.
Allie Snider: She loves me and my brothers.
Brooks Snider: She helps me with homework and makes me good food.
Ashton Detterline: She cooks good.
Olivia Helsel: She is nice. She works hard. She is a good cook and gives me ice cream.
Andrea Musselman: She snuggles with me and cooks good food. She jumps with me on the trampoline.
Mariah Hall: She is a good cook. She loves me. She is nice and works hard. She drives me. She gives me ice cream.
Jacob Sensenig: She is nice and kind.
Matthew Hall: She feeds me, cares for me, and lets me check the Pirates and Penguins everyday.
Lainee Sensenig: She loves me and she is kind. 

Life Lessons :
1) You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
2) If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone
else’s …we’d grab ours back.